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What is Microlight Electro-Acupuncture therapy?
Microlight is a unique treatment system for pain relief, injury rehab and facial rejuvenation. It combines 2 powerful modalities  - Microcurrent and color light therapy. Special wands are used to apply treatment to selected acupuncture points and regions of pain. You may also receive treatment through pad electrodes for treatment of the low back , knees and other large joints.  
What is Microcurrent? Does it hurt?
No, it doesn't hurt. Microcurrents are low level electrical currents, so gentle that you may not feel them at all. Yet microcurrent therapy has been proven to produce some of the most dramatic and rapid results for relieving pain and improving range of motion. 
Microlight Electro-Acupuncture (MEA) Therapy
How does Microlight work?
Microcurrent helps the body balance and restore its own electrical functions when they go awry. it is also well established that certain forms of therapeutic light can produce profound pain relieving and healing effects. When combined together, microcurrent and color light therapy boost each other's effects and speed results. Microlight also works through the principle of resonance - the ability of energy frequencies to influence and harmonize what they are applied to. 
How long is a treatment? How many will I need?
Typical treatments are a half hour to an hour depending on the severity of your condition. Moderate pain or recent injuries could be relieved in 1 to 5 sessions, while severe or chronic pain could require 10 or more sessions.
Is Microlight therapy covered by my insurance?
I do not accept insurance. That being said Microlight therapy can be billed under established CPT coeds for therapeutic electrical stimulation, and I can provide you a form that includes this if it is part of your treatment. As always check with you insurance carrier prior to your appointment and see if you need a primary care physician's referal.
Is Microcurent the same as other electrical stimulation devices?
No, Microcurrent is NOT the same as most other electrical stimulation devices you may have been previously treated with. Based on the principle of "less is more", there is NO discomfort and you will enjoy more favorable results.