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Paths to Wellness
A Note From Our Massage Therapist, Carrie Allen:
    What a seven-year journey it has been at Paths to Wellness! I thank all the wonderful people that have come through our doors. But change is upon us and we must embrace a new chapter.
    My massage practice is relocating ten miles away to an individual office near the Chesterfield County Courthouse right off 288. The address is 9520 Ironbridge Road, Chesterfield, VA 23832 You’re welcome to text me at 804-301-4236 to schedule a massage appointment at my new location.     It has been an honor and privilege to share my massage practice at Paths to Wellness with Jo and Pat. I send many blessings to my colleagues and to the many individuals who have allowed us to practice our healing therapy these past seven years.

A Note From Our Reiki Master, Jo Fletcher:
     As the end of November rapidly approaches, I am overwhelmed with so many memories, feelings and ideas. Memories of being in the beautiful healing place Carrie, Pat and I built, the monthly "pow-wows", the unflagging devotion of our wonderful volunteers and the beautiful people we met and served. I am so grateful for it all!.  
    Feelings of sadness for the partnership that was the inspiration behind P2W. Feelings of excitement about the next chapter (and it is a chapter, not the end of the story!). Feelings of pride in the work we did and will continue to do. And ideas for what the next step will be. 
    I have spent the COVID months studying new Reiki techniques, working with Angels and mindfulness. I will continue to offer guided meditations, distance Reiki and support over the winter months. Keeping the health and safety concerns for all, I am aiming for restarting in-person sessions in the Spring of 2021. I know I still have work to do on myself and others.
    Our world needs so much healing right now. We have lived through 2020 and it's multitude of challenges but we have emerged wounded to our very souls. We can heal, we must heal. The healing begins now with each of us working to re-kindle our spirit and working together to build a kinder gentler world.
    To my clients, my students, our volunteers and my partners, I say a huge "Thank You!" for being a part of my journey and helping me to grow. Blessings to each and every one of you! 

Namaste My Friends,
Jo (804) 839 - 0221

A Note From Our Acupuncturist, Pat Luksch:
    Covid continues to shape our lives in so many ways. I am sad to say our partnership has come to and end. I have been privileged to practice the last seven years in a beautiful setting with the most amazing women, my colleagues Jo and Carrie and of course our beautiful giving volunteers who manned the desk. 
    I thank all our clients for their support through these most interesting years of fire, rebuilding construction and COVID. I will be relocating somewhere in the immediate area. Because my office space needs are unique, it is taking me a little bit longer, but fully expect to continue without too much interruption. I will have all the info here, and notify everyone when we have a new acupuncture home. 
    I will miss my Paths family and hope that Jo and Carrie find happiness and fulfillment as they forge their new paths.