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Our goal is to understand you and your health goals, treating you as a whole unique individual. Together we can find the root cause of your issue and treat from a true place of healing not just symptom relief.
Paths to Wellness, 13607 Genito Rd. Midlothian,VA 23112
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Great unique gifts for the health, well being and happiness of the one you love.
Labor Day, Monday Sept 4th 3 - 7:30 pm
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Moving into a new office or home?

Consider the benefits of having your new space cleared of 
old and possibly negative energies!  

Everyone leaves an energy trail wherever they go. Make your new space a healthy place to be by having the space “cleared” with sage and reiki. Filling your residence with positive energy will affect how you feel there. Good energy = feeling settled, positive. Stale energy = feelings of uneasiness, vague discomfort.  

Please call Jo Fletcher at (804) 839-0221 to make an appointment today!