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The results below occurred after only 7 treatments.
Claire, 40s, has rosecea and was a smoker for several years. Her results were immediate. The lines on her forehead and around her eyes virtually disappeared. Her lips because fuller. The rosecea became less inflamed and the tone and texture of her skin significantly improved. Like many of us, Claire lives a very stressful and busy life. She found the ELR treatments to be very calming and relaxing. And, as a side note, Claire's husband noticew such a change in her appearance that he has inquired about the treatments for himself.
Real Results
Real Clients!
Carmen, 40s, suffered from cystic/severe acne for many years. Since beginning her ELR treatments, she has not had one breakout. Carmen showed visible firming in the jaw line and around the nasal labial folds. Carmen also saw an immense improvement in the tone and texture of her skin.