Acupuncture of Midlothian 
formerly Paths to Wellness 
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You and I,
still in it together
With the closing of Paths to Wellness, I have been looking for a place to relocate Acupuncture of Midlothian. I would like it to be in the same area, big enough to accommodate Community Acupuncture (with COVID's Social Distancing requirements being met) and relatively peaceful.

I am looking feverishly, but it has proven to be a little bit more challenging than I anticipated. In the mean time, I will be working from my home.  Please be aware of the following items that may be limitations for you. 

1) I have dogs and although they are not allowed in the rooms we will be using, dog hair has a way of invading everywhere. If you have allergies this may not work for you. 
2) I have 7 Steps into my house. Please know your limitations.
3) I am only allowed to have 1 person at a time unless you are a family/couple and are coming together.